Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My "25" workout

Ok, so give this little guy a try if you are looking for an awesome, sweat-tastic, leg, arm, ab, burning workout ;)

Disclaimer- Always check with your doctor before starting any fitness program-

Ok, so first thing is first. Warm up for 5 minutes. This can jogging, jumping jacks, anything that gets those muscles warmed up and your pulse goin.

Then dive right into some plyometrics!

- 25 jump squats
- 25 push-ups ( regular or on knees)
- 25 tricep dips
- 25 mountain climbers
- 25 jump lunges alternating legs
* take a 1 minute break here to catch your breath, you'll need it ;)

Next, with 3-10 lb weights (wherever you are physically), do the folowing exercises

- 25 lateral shoulder raises
- 25 bent over flies
- 25 press outs
- 25 seated lunge with hammer curls
- 25 bent over rows on each arm
- 25 plank rows
- 25 back extensions ( bridges)
- 25 superman raises
- 25 roll ups ( do these slow and feel the burn)
- 25 v- up with pulses (100's as they are known in pilates) - do these slow as well

Then repeat the entire circuit again starting with the plyometrics and then moving to the strength training.

Cool down and a nice stretch afterwards is highly recommended ;)

If you guys have any questions about these exercises, feel free to ask me in the comments or googling usually works well too :)

Now go get your sweat on!

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  1. Thanks for the workout! I ALMOST got through it two times. Next time for sure! It's so intense though, I need to go take a bath or something.