Friday, July 29, 2011

Camera resurrection

Some recent eats:

triple decker veggie sandwich

Elvis style oats: peanut butter, banana, and honey (plus chia seeds!)

Some recent activities:

best buds

before my morning workout with Shane


Before our recent 9 miler

playin with my tri-athlete pup :)

So, as you can see I can upload pics again. Just using Seth's for now :)

This weekend we will be running 10 miles as we continue to prep for the big half marathon in VA beach Labor Day weekend! Really lookin forward to it!

Hope you all are having a great week! Enjoy every second of this weekend :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best Breakfast Ever

It looks a little like this...

Same concept... but this time I added a favorite new ingredient: TURKEY BACON!!
See, I'm not normally one for bacon in general (too salty and fatty) but I started cravin
some meat with my breakfast sandwich. In came the turkey bacon: easy to heat up and incredibly delicious with melted cheese and egg whites on top of a bagel half. I'm writing this post up at 11 am and I ate breakfast at 7 and I'm still not hungry! Satisfying, filling, and delicious! I recommend giving this a try if you're in a breakfast rut (or just because you like yummy food)

Anyways, today is a cross-training day for me so I started it off with a 3 mile bike ride with Shane this morning and plan on doing elliptical and weights later with my clients.

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Here's what makes a great Sunday

1. 9 mile run with Seth
2. New Matt Redman music and Purpose Driven Life (though normally this would be church but we didn't make it yesterday)
3. Two hour nap
4. A yummy dinner, made possible(mostly) by my husband: Fried green tomato appetizer, grilled steak with homemade coating, mashed potatoes, and grilled squash and zucchini.
5. Chocolate chip cookies, milk, and a cozy movie.

Was a lovely day indeed: sunny, cool, and breezy. Perfect.

And now it's rainy and dark, but that's not going to stop me from getting out there and having a great start to the week!

See ya'll soon (hopefully with pictures)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

No camera :(

Which explains why I haven't updated in a few days...

but I'm gonna start using Seth's camera so, no worries, I'll be back in no time :)

Hope your week is going well!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kayla :)

Workout: Ran 8 miles with Seth and Shane!

Another lovely sunny day here in NY! Lovin summer right now but, as always, looking forward to fall- my favorite season of all!

As my time winds down with Kayla, I feel myself getting more sad everyday that she'll be moving and I won't be able to see her pretty little face everyday. Her hugs are so sweet and I really love her so much!
"Working" for the Hills has truly been a great experience and one I won't forget.

Yesterday, Kayla and I had some fun playing on the rocks by the Black River:

We did this after a little walk/jog as we sang the ABC's and counted our 1, 2, 3's! She's a smart little cookie :)

After our adventure by the river we headed to the nail salon for some "girl time".

We got.... PEDICURES!

Matching polish and all :) It was really cute and Kayla was super good the whole time! She looked at the lady doing her nails like she was crazy but I guess it is kinda weird for an almost 2 year old. Either way she was good and I think she likes her pretty toenails :)

After a nap and some lunch we headed to the water park on base.

Kayla carries her baby everywhere these days. Prepping herself for the next little one to join the family this fall!

Anyways, this post wasn't really about health or exercise as normal...
but I wanted to write out just how much I'm gonna miss this little girl so very much. I love my Kaylabug!

Until Monday...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Workout: ran 2.5 miles with Shane/ 30 minute tempo run= 6 miles total

Wow, where oh where do I begin? I feel like a have a lot to catch you up on!
Let's start with yesterday's breakfast:

cereal suicide!
and lunch:

Salsa chicken wrap with cheddar cheese/peppers n onions + carrots
Yum, I finally found the LaTortilla wraps at the commissary and snagged them up! They have about 12 grams of protein per wrap, 8 grams of fiber, and only 80 calories! Gotta love it!

Last night Seth and I were watching a movie and we put Shane out back to chill because it was nice out. Once the movie was over... this is how we found him

He had somehow climbed onto that tiny chair and was spying on us while we watched the movie. Cute little stinker! It took him forever to have the courage to climb off of that little chair. His legs were shaking it was so funny!

Yesterday me and my friend Jackie went to the local farmer's market. Wow... I can't believe I hadn't gone there yet! It was awesome! I bought fresh peaches, a cucumber, a beef chuck roast, an apple pie for Seth, and best of all... the BEST raisin bread ever! It's so soft and tastes amazing with peanut butter. And here comes breakfast today!

Times that by 2!! Mmmm... gonna eat this for breakfast/ snacks until it's gone! Which I bet won't be too long ;)

This morning I treated myself to a little shoppin with my sweet little friend Kayla. I got a great steal at Gap! Check out my new outfit:

sorry for the butt shot
I got the cardigan and shorts for under 30 bucks! 40 percent off plus 25 equals one happy Gap customer. Also got myself a new pair of running Nike running shorts for 15 dollars and a foam roller for my achy legs and back. Already lovin it...

oooohhh yeaa
I picked up an iced skinny caramel latte from Starbucks on the way home.

I promise I do have lips
and now I will be enjoying this for lunch!

Spinach salad with onion, cucumber (from the FM), and broccoli. And a juicy fresh peach(FM again)

It's a beautiful day here, can't complain one bit! Cool, sunny, lovely! Kayla and I will probably head to the water park later.

Lot's of things are going to be coming up with Seth and I in the near future: Moving, school, new jobs, new's all very exciting and a little nerve-wrecking but I'm starting to get excited! Our target location is North Carolina so we'll see what happens! Please pray for us though, if you think of it. Thankfully, God already has it all mapped out for us :)
Anyways, off to eat that lunch!
Have a GREAT day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fishing, running, eating

Workout: Ran 4.25 miles + hills + total body weight workout

Hi guys... happy monday.

Let me catch you up on last weekend. Seth and I went to Lake Bonaparte with friends from church and rented a boat. It was fun! We fished and laid out and swam. Good times!

Seth caught a pan fish!

Me and Jackie
Jackie and I have alot in common since we are both personal trainers so you can bet we chatted away all afternoon on work, food, and exercise. It's nice to have someone to compare notes with...

After our day on the water we all went to Stefanos, a local pizza place, for dinner. Yum!

Seth and I are in full training mode for our half marathon on Labor Day weekend. We ran 7 miles last weekend and are planning on 8 this weekend! It's so fun to have my best friend run with me on those long ones!

Breakfast: 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with pb and banana

Lunch: Un-pictured peach Chobani greek yogurt (shared with Kayla), salad with spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumber, feta, onion, cranberries, and almond slices with lite honey mustard, and a Kashi cereal bar.

Plus a York Peppermint Patty!

Hope you all are starting your week off nicely. Got some clients this week so looks like it'll be pretty busy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sunshine and Prayer

Waking up to sunshine is one of my favorite things in the world. Blue skies, a cool breeze, and that beautiful sunshine is all I need.
Despite waking up to more flem and a headache, I smiled. Know why? Because the sun was peeking in through my blinds, begging me to be outside and feel the rays on my face. I happily obliged to this request.

I leashed up Shane for what would normally be our 2 mile run, but decided to simply walk this morning. I brewed some coffee and mugged it up and we were out the door around 6:30.

What an amazing walk it was! Peaceful, beautiful, slow. Time to actually take in my surroundings and lift my eyes to the heavens and talk to my Maker.
To thank Him for this simple life He has given me. For a wonderful husband who cares for me and loves me no matter what. (He has been very patient with me with all the sniffling and sneezing. Oh, and got me flowers unexpectedly yesterday, too!)
To thank God and really, truly appreciate all that He has done for us! Great families, jobs, good jobs, and a future already planned out for us so that we need not worry or be anxious.
To ask for healing, peace, and comfort for those who are hurting or in bad health. For those who still feel the sting of losing a loved one on a daily basis.
To individually pray for each and every member of my family. Distance can be hard at times, but knowing that we are all connected in Christ is such a beautiful thing.
To thank Him for this gorgeous earth He has created for our pleasure. The heavens truly do declare the glory of God!

I hope you can find a time where you are able to slow down and take in all the things God has generously given. Be it a walk, a 5 minute break with coffee on your sofa, or even in the car on the way to work. I need to improve on this. I can easily get caught up in the daily tasks of life and let the day get away without really slowing down and talking with God. Definitely something I will work on with His help.

Anyways, I should go now. Hope your 4th of July weekend is wonderful, filled with amazing memories and time spent with friends and family. And of course, thanking God for this wonderful freedom we enjoy everyday.

God bless!