Sunday, January 15, 2012

First week round-up

So the first week of school/work went great! We're still figuring out schedules and what not, but overall, everything's working out just fine :)

Yesterday Seth and I took Shane on a 6 mile run at the park next to us. I was really feeling good and would have probably gone further but Seth's stomach was pleading him to stop at 6. So we did. It's alllll good :)
By the way, Seth has been running almost everyday since we got here. I think he's hooked! I love it!

I don't have alot of pics but here's my church outfit today:

Nothin special but I enjoy doing layers :) We visited another church today. The best thing I can say so far about southern churches is that people are FRIENDLY. They actually smile and talk to you and make you feel welcome. It's really nice to be around that environment. Not always the case up North...

Anyways, this was lunch today:

Already bitten into ham and cheese panini, red pepper hummus, carrots, mini bell peppers, and pretzels. MMmmm..We've been loading up on this stuff because we made our FIRST trip to Costco this week! It was sooo fun and I'm so glad we decided to become members! I really do think you save alot of money by buying in bulk. Plus, we won't have to buy toilet paper and napkins for like a year! :)

Welp, time to wrap things up! But before I leave I wanna send out a huge CONGRATS to my sister HANNAH and her NEW FIANCE BEN! Excited for you guys!

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. i do enjoy running more now than i did in the army! i feel so much better when i run :)

  2. Cute church outfit! Can't wait to visit this weekend :)

  3. Congrats to Hannah & Ben!!! *sorry I'm late on this, I've been slacking*