Thursday, July 14, 2011

Workout: ran 2.5 miles with Shane/ 30 minute tempo run= 6 miles total

Wow, where oh where do I begin? I feel like a have a lot to catch you up on!
Let's start with yesterday's breakfast:

cereal suicide!
and lunch:

Salsa chicken wrap with cheddar cheese/peppers n onions + carrots
Yum, I finally found the LaTortilla wraps at the commissary and snagged them up! They have about 12 grams of protein per wrap, 8 grams of fiber, and only 80 calories! Gotta love it!

Last night Seth and I were watching a movie and we put Shane out back to chill because it was nice out. Once the movie was over... this is how we found him

He had somehow climbed onto that tiny chair and was spying on us while we watched the movie. Cute little stinker! It took him forever to have the courage to climb off of that little chair. His legs were shaking it was so funny!

Yesterday me and my friend Jackie went to the local farmer's market. Wow... I can't believe I hadn't gone there yet! It was awesome! I bought fresh peaches, a cucumber, a beef chuck roast, an apple pie for Seth, and best of all... the BEST raisin bread ever! It's so soft and tastes amazing with peanut butter. And here comes breakfast today!

Times that by 2!! Mmmm... gonna eat this for breakfast/ snacks until it's gone! Which I bet won't be too long ;)

This morning I treated myself to a little shoppin with my sweet little friend Kayla. I got a great steal at Gap! Check out my new outfit:

sorry for the butt shot
I got the cardigan and shorts for under 30 bucks! 40 percent off plus 25 equals one happy Gap customer. Also got myself a new pair of running Nike running shorts for 15 dollars and a foam roller for my achy legs and back. Already lovin it...

oooohhh yeaa
I picked up an iced skinny caramel latte from Starbucks on the way home.

I promise I do have lips
and now I will be enjoying this for lunch!

Spinach salad with onion, cucumber (from the FM), and broccoli. And a juicy fresh peach(FM again)

It's a beautiful day here, can't complain one bit! Cool, sunny, lovely! Kayla and I will probably head to the water park later.

Lot's of things are going to be coming up with Seth and I in the near future: Moving, school, new jobs, new's all very exciting and a little nerve-wrecking but I'm starting to get excited! Our target location is North Carolina so we'll see what happens! Please pray for us though, if you think of it. Thankfully, God already has it all mapped out for us :)
Anyways, off to eat that lunch!
Have a GREAT day!


  1. Cute post- love the outfit! Aren't farmer's markets the best??? Ours is a little pricey but sometimes it's worth it for fresh, local, organic.

    Love you, can't wait to see what God has in store for you and Seth's future!

  2. Good luck with your future! Great shopping buy with the cardigan, I love it. I recently discovered the foam roller, it is my new best friend.