Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kayla :)

Workout: Ran 8 miles with Seth and Shane!

Another lovely sunny day here in NY! Lovin summer right now but, as always, looking forward to fall- my favorite season of all!

As my time winds down with Kayla, I feel myself getting more sad everyday that she'll be moving and I won't be able to see her pretty little face everyday. Her hugs are so sweet and I really love her so much!
"Working" for the Hills has truly been a great experience and one I won't forget.

Yesterday, Kayla and I had some fun playing on the rocks by the Black River:

We did this after a little walk/jog as we sang the ABC's and counted our 1, 2, 3's! She's a smart little cookie :)

After our adventure by the river we headed to the nail salon for some "girl time".

We got.... PEDICURES!

Matching polish and all :) It was really cute and Kayla was super good the whole time! She looked at the lady doing her nails like she was crazy but I guess it is kinda weird for an almost 2 year old. Either way she was good and I think she likes her pretty toenails :)

After a nap and some lunch we headed to the water park on base.

Kayla carries her baby everywhere these days. Prepping herself for the next little one to join the family this fall!

Anyways, this post wasn't really about health or exercise as normal...
but I wanted to write out just how much I'm gonna miss this little girl so very much. I love my Kaylabug!

Until Monday...


  1. Too cute! Hallie loved her first pedicure too :). All I could think when I was reading this is that you'll make an awesome Mommy someday!

  2. Kayla is adorable!!
    My posts aren't always about running / health and fitness either. Reading about the day-to day things are what makes blogs interesting! :)