Monday, September 26, 2011

Cape Vincent Trip

After church yesterday, Seth and I loaded Shane up in the back of our little hatchback and headed to Cape Vincent. Cape Vincent is a small, sleepy town on a lake about 35 miles from Drum. I didn't take any pictures of the houses, but I can assure you there were a few that made Seth and I jealous that we aren't retired yet.

Unfortunately, since it is such a small town, most stores and restaurants were closed. We decided to check out the lighthouse that I had heard was cool.

Things got kinda weird when we headed into the "fog tower" though. I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Yeahhhh... we didn't stay in there long. Had a few good laughs though.
Unfortunately the actual lighthouse is not open to the public so that was a bummer.

No knowing exactly what else to do... we remembered we had passed a state park on the way in to town so we trucked it back there to see if there was anything fun to do.

It was closed for the season, but the gates weren't blocked off so we decided to check it out.

shane having fun smelling the bird poo

trying to get into the water

All in all, it was good  to just get out and take a drive. This past weekend wasn't a stellar one in the Trader house so getting out and getting some good time in together was refreshing.

Before I take off, could you please pray for my sweet Grandpa. He is having some tests done today so that he can hopefully have surgery on his heart soon. He really needs to have this operation as soon as possible. Thanks so much...

Enjoy your Monday :)


  1. How fun, you oughta go back when all the little shops are open. Since I grew up in the desert, lighthouses have always fascinated me. I'm not really sure if i've seen one in person.
    Your Grandpa has a place in my prayers!

  2. Behn and i used to take little trips like that...just to explore. Once we went to Chestertown MD and it was kinda the same: everything was closed cause it was Sunday. still, it's good to make memories. the pics of that museum cracked me up- creepy! Kinda like in Gilmore Girls when Taylor tries to turn the Twickham house into a museum lol.

    Praying for Grandpa!!