Monday, September 19, 2011

Hair update

Workout: Walked 2 miles with Shane and 45 minutes elliptical
Hi ya! So I did not run the half marathon this past weekend :(

Due to a combo of health problems and finding out it was further away than I had thought... it just wasn't best for me. Ohhh well, my legs have been feeling a bit heavy lately and I think I have a minor case of shin splints on my right leg. Better to stay off rather that get injured for sure.

So, we went to church Sunday which was great! Oh, and here's a pic my new hair and outfit for church :)
Been a while since I've done that so here ya go:

"new" hair

church look
As you can see it's not that much different than it was... but I like it! It's natural looking. She only put in partial lowlights but she made sure not to go too dark either so I'm happy with it. Kept the length, obviously.

I'm trying to stretch out my summer wardrobe as long as possible. So far, so good. But I know the temps are going to be creepin into the 30s and 40s soon so I better start switchin! Like right now.

Here are a few sweet pics I'll leave ya with before I tackle my closet.

cuddle time- so sweet!

Shane loves his Daddy!!


  1. Love the hair! I cut 9 inches off my hair a couple months ago and that kind off makes me miss my long hair.

  2. I love your hair!! Looks great!! :) Your church look is cute too! :)