Saturday, September 10, 2011

Having a ball and 10k race recap

Hi there peeps! It's been some exciting times around the Trader household lately. Starting with a Battalion Ball that Seth and I attended last night! My good friend Jackie was gracious enough to do my hair and make up for me and she did a WONDERFUL job!

We headed to the ball around 5:30 and enjoyed a bit of cocktail hour with some friends!

my handsome date!!

love the ecksteins aka cutest couple ever

Seth and Captain Comfort

waiting for our sub-par dinner-haha!

am i right or what?! so adorable!
First Sergeant Lafary and us had a nice conversation :)

Overall it was pretty fun and it was nice to actually get dressed up and try the hair and make-up thing :)
Haha...goodness knows that doesn't occur too much!
After the ball, we stopped in at the Ecksteins's house to chill until we were ready for bed and headed home. We wanted decent sleep because.... I ran the Running for Recovery from Addictions 10k the next morning!

pre-race posing

Mr. Shane and Seth cheered me on!

my good friend and client Star- love her!

I loved having my pup there! Although he didn't run it ;)

sprinting toward the finish

I was super, duper pleased with my time on this race! There was an extremely hard hill at the beginning of the race and a few rolling hills throughout the race. Whoo, that got me warmed up real fast. I started at about an 8:30 pace and slowly picked up my speed through the race. I know it's a little mean, but this strategy worked really well because at the end I passed quite a few runners which always feels so good ;)

I finished in 49:30 and placed 3rd in my age division at an 8:00/min pace!!!

The race was really great and I even got a t-shirt (score!). Having my man there (and pup) to support and cheer me on means more than anything! I'm thinking a half marathon next weekend is definitely in order.. ;)

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Great job on the 10k and placing in your age division YAY!

  2. Emily you looked gorgeous at the Battalion Ball!! Way to go on the 10k!!! :)

  3. You looked beautiful at the ball! Sooo pretty! Great job runnin' too :) Let's catch up soon

  4. Awe, YOU are the cutest couple ever. You are very inspiring to me with all of your running! We had a good time at the ball and hanging out this weekend, hope we get more of that before you guys leave. :( Love your blog, emily!