Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet and Savory

Good morning! :)

Started today off with some good cardio that looked like this:

-30 minutes elliptical
- 3 mile run with Shane on this beautiful and chilly morning

At the end of our run Shane saw Seth's car driving home from P.T. and practically ripped my arm off to go greet him. Goodness...but I'm glad he loves Seth so much :)

Anyways, came home, took a shower, and ate a really really awesome breakfast! Sweet and savory today!

The BEST bagel I've had in a long time: the Pumpkin Spice bagel from Thomas. oh.my.goodness.
I topped it off with a nice amount of cream cheese and pumpkin spice. On the side was egg whites with spinach. Protein: check! Carbs: Check! Veggies: Check! Magnificent tasting: Check!

Today is a pretty easy day for me. Gotta get crackin on that goal list I made yesterday!
Up first, buying Seth's plane ticket outta hear on December 18th! I will have already left with the movers (hopefully) so Seth is going to fly to Greensboro and meet me there. After that, we will be heading up North to DE and MD for Christmas! Looking forward to all of it :) Also, trying to prepare myself for the stress of moving, but thankfully we will be able to utilize the army movers which means I won't have to do much work in regards to boxing things and carrying heavy furniture. Win!

Oh and real quick, guess who went with me to Yoga Sculpt last night.... my awesome husband!
He persisted at first but I convinced him to give it a try and ya know what... he said he really enjoyed it :)
Double win for me!

Ok guys, as usual, I'm going to leave you with a pic of Shane as we wish you a happy Tuesday! Later  Gators...

tired from our run ;)


  1. So excited about your move closer to us!!

  2. even though i looked like a doofus, it wasn't too bad. plus the music choice was awesome...radiohead, postal service, death cab....werd