Monday, May 9, 2011

3 part meal

Hi ya'll!

Here are some pics from this weekend! We took Seth's mom to lunch for Mother's Day at this restaurant in Sacket's Harbor. Food was good but service was a little slow. Overall, I'd give it a B+

Father and Son

Sweet parents in laws
Mom and son reunited for Mother's Day
It was a great weekend and so nice to spend time with family! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Today's forecast was 66 and sunny so guess what I did...

Black river trail

You guessed right! Kayla and I knocked out 6.5 miles on the trail and I ran 2 earlier with Shane which brings me to a grand total of 8.5 miles for today! It's honestly just too beautiful out to pass up! Tonight I plan on getting my yoga sculpt on and work on my measly muscles. 

Lunch was 3 part today... 2 of which I didn't take pictures of. I had half of a protein bar after my run and took Kayla for Mickey D's for lunch. I stole a few fries and 2 of her nuggets which is really a rare thing for me so I didn't feel guilty about it. When I finally got back to her house I had some of this:

Caesar salad with egg white and a plum
I also packed an orange and Muscle Milk Light which I might be snackin on in a lil bit. Tonight's dinner will be fajita's which I'm sure excited for! I live for guacamole and sauted veggies wrapped up in a soft wrap!

Anywho, I'm out... Hope you guys are enjoying your day!

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