Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grown up clothes...kinda

Happy Beautiful Weekend guys!!!

I don't have much time to get up a long post because we're gettin ready to head out to church in a few.. but here's what I got for ya!

Breakfast: Belgium waffles made by yours truly. Thanks mom again for the waffle maker!!

we shared this plate ;)

This is what I have currently baking away and smelling oh so delicious in the kitchen...

nana bread! if it's amazing I will share the recipe with ya!
And this is what we did yesterday:

new clothes for him

new clothes for her

And we picked up a few other things for the house that we're very excited about!! I'll say this much: one was a complete steal, the other a great investment. I love shopping and it was so fun to go with Sethy!!

Allsoooooo... Seth joined Shane and I on our 6 mile run yesterday!!! WHOOO!!! 8:40 pace baby!!
So proud of him ;)

Anyways, off to church but I will definitely be getting in another nice run a little later today. It's 75 and sunny here today!!!

Happy Lord's Day!!

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