Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Half Marathon in a month?

Hello beautiful people! I don't know about you but it's only Tuesday and I'm exhausted and ready for the weekend. It hasn't been bad or anything, but I'm just tired. Hopefully I'll sneak in some extra sleep in these next 3 weeks while we're away!

Here's today's breakfast:

egg whites and a smidge of mozz cheese on double protein whole grain bread
 Protein much? ;) Yeah I've been trying to up my protein intake lately. It really helps me feel full for a longer amount of time but with less calories. That's a win in my book!


good n green
I had a chicken breast, spinach, and honey dijon wrap with a side of bell pepper slices and an apple. I've also had some mini cookies and a scoop of ice cream. I gotta work on taming my sweet tooth...

Exercise-wise I did a 2 mile sprint/ walk with Shane this morning before work, then walked with Kayla for about an hour and a half with a short 1 mile run thrown in at the end. We might hit up the trail later this afternoon too... we'll see.

My friend Brandy was telling me about this half marathon in Lake Placid June 12... and I think I'm gonna do it! Her hubby was gonna run with her initially but he has training now so I might take his place. Seth might even come and cheer me on! I'll let ya'll know when we officially decide. I will have to squeeze in a few long runs during block leave but that shouldn't be a problem. I really really hope I get to do this!!

How much protein do you try to get in daily?

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