Thursday, May 5, 2011

The return of sunshine

8 miles so far... but the sun is still out so we'll see!

Yup, not too shabby today! 3 miles with Shane early today. Ran without my watch though so not sure on the pace but I'm thinking about 8:30- 8:45 min/mi...
then 5 solid miles while pushing Kayla at a 8:08 pace!!! I was physically exhausted and out of breath at the end of the run. Whoop whoop! Gotta love that runner's high!

I'm so pumped that my speed is finally picking up! I'm going to be running the VA Beach Rock N Roll Half this Labor Day with Seth and my sister Hannah ! My time last year at this race was 1:53 so I think my new goal will be to get it under 1:45. Here's to hoping and training my butt off for it this summer!

Food-wise this is what I got for ya'll today...

Runner's fuel
My oatmeal has half of a sliced banana, white chocolate dreams pb, cinnamon, and chia seeds! Complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Oh, and tasted pretty good too!

Leftover pulled pork from last night on an Arnold Thin with spinach and roasted broccoli. I had an orange and pita chips with cheese about an hour before lunch so I wasn't too hungry. I'll have a non fat blueberry greek yogurt for a snack in a couple hours.

I am getting so excited for block leave! It starts next Saturday and Seth and I are heading to DE for almost a week to visit family, NC to chill on the beach and look at some schools, and finally to southern MD to visit my family! There will be a homecoming party, 2 birthdays ( Seth's and mine!), and a 2 year anniversary thrown in there so I'm thinking there will be lots of cake, happy memories made, and well, driving. We took 3 weeks off out of the 30 days that we could have taken. Yay for vacations!!

Anyone got a great vacation coming up??


  1. I CANNOT wait for DE!!! And also for you to see us here in ol' Virginie. Don't forget Rach's birthday is in there as much to celebrate!

  2. 1:45? ahh. you're so speedy!!
    Looks like you have a crazy busy next few weeks coming up!! I'm going to Vegas with my girlfriends in June! CAN'T wait!!

  3. Yay for a summer spent in the USA!

  4. Glad you found my blog! I'm excited to follow yours! Enjoy NC's beaches, i'm from SC!!! Its a great time of year to be there, aka - not 110 degrees ;)

  5. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!!! :)

    I'm so happy that you two will be visiting family soon!! I'm excited for you & Hannah participating in the Rock & Roll half marathon again!!! Wish I still lived there so you two could crash at my place, just like last year!! That was so fun!!