Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Block Leave: Part 1

Uncle Seth with some new friends

Date night!

Phillies game with Mom and Dad Trader

Grahamy Graham

no comment

Auntie Em and Graham...he looks hungry



Giant beer...what dreams are made of apparently
So sorry about my lackage of posting but between being busy and not having internet at times... yeah

But I have many more pictures to share with ya'll and I will try to get them up here soon!

As far as exercise and health is concerned I have been able to run and workout pretty consistently on this trip which has been nice. I am not running the half marathon I had talked about when I get back because the ticket wouldn't transfer to me. Ohhhh wellll.... but I will be signing up for at least 1 in the near future so I'll let ya know! I read Kara Goucher's new book on this vaca which was awesome! Inspiring indeed! So I'm ready to hit the road/trail/beach and get movin' even more!

I'll be trying to put up another post soon!

Have a great Memorial Day and remember those who have served and are currently serving. Pray for peace and restoration and hope for those who have lost loved ones in this war and past. And pray for those who were fortunate enough to return from war. Deployment doesn't necessarily end just because you return home. Keep praying...


  1. you guys are tooo cute!! I till can't believe Seth is home!!! I started Jillian michaels Shred it with weights and I'm hooked on the kettle bell!!! Can't wait to be out there with you!!! Hope you're having a great vacation!!!!

  2. Great pics!! I LOVE the one of Graham, of course, but lots of cute ones of you and Seth too!