Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pace improvement

4 miles in humidity DONE

and my pace was much more acceptable today: 8:17/mi :)

and I tried to take pics of my food and what not but I need to charge my camera. I know, bad blogger.

but I'll tell ya what I had today! (cuz I know ya'll are just dying to know)

Breakfast: Kashi hot cereal made with milk and blueberries

Lunch: Garden salad with romaine, mushrooms, green pepper, tomato, and onion and a light rasp. vinaigrette. Plus leftover white chicken chili with a handful of tortilla chips and a peppermint chocolate luna bar. Yummmm...

Kayla and I had fun at the splash park this morning. It's still hot so it was refreshing to run through the water and pretend like you're 3 again. Ahhh the days of summer are here! One of my favorite past times is coming home from a day at the pool and getting all cold and cuddly at home in the AC. Cozzzzyyyy...

Welp, ya'll I better get goin. I've got a few clients to email. By the way, it feels pretty dang good to get back to being a personal trainer. I got a new client last night and I'm super excited to workout with her! Whoooooo!

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