Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best Buds

"What do you want? I'm snuggling with Dad."

true love
Aren't they sweet? I love them both!

Don't have much for updates today really. I did 50 minutes elliptical for my workout then came home and had egg, egg white, spinach, and cheese on toast for my breakfast/recovery meal. Lunch will be yet another delicious smoothie!

Tonight we are going to see Seinfeld live in Utica with a couple friends! Definitely looking forward to it!
I've only been to one concert and never been to live stand up. Should be very fun(ny)!

Tomorrow is Friday! and it's a long 4 day weekend for Seth. Besides Seinfeld tonight, we will be laying low which I am totally looking forward to!
Have a great day, guys!

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