Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cardio, much?

Hey there and happy tuesday :)

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Seth had off Friday through Monday so we had fun watching movies, hanging with friends, seeing Jerry Seinfeld live, going to church, and workin out a little too.

Yesterday Seth and I headed to the gym to complete a strength training circuit and bo oh boy...we're feelin it today!

But that didn't stop me from running 5 miles this morning with Shane, going to yoga class, then running 2 more miles with my friend... no, if anything it's nice to warm up my sore hamstrings and make 'em work a little before stretching and foam rolling my eye-balls out :)

As far as meals go, I had a refreshing strawberry-banana protein shake post for breakfast (which by the way kept me full till noon) and a egg-white/spinach/cheese sandwich for lunch:

I promise there's alot of spinach under there ;)
But of course that's not all I had. I snacked on some honey wheat pretzel sticks, mini bell peppers with hummus, and a few pistachios. Now I'm feeling full and satisfied.

I've got dinner in the crock pot ( buffalo chicken..Mmmm) and have gotta head out the door to pick up our family Christmas cards! Yay!

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  1. How do you cook/eat the buffalo chicken? On rolls? Behn would like this.