Monday, November 28, 2011

k-k-k-killer pyramid treadmill workout

I am still sweaty from my HITT run this morning and I've showered... ya, you figure that one out- it was tough! But as always, extremely worth it. Here's what it looked like:

-2.5 minute walk to warm up
- 1 minute @ 5.5
- 1 minute @7.0
- 1 minute @ 5.5
- 1 minute @7.5
- 1 minute @ 5.5
- 1 minute @ 8.0
- 1 minute @ 5.5
- 1 minute @ 8.5
- 1 minute @ 5.5
- 1 minute @ 9.0
- 1 minute @ 5.5
- 1 minute @ 9.5
- 1 minute @ 5.5
- 1 minute @ 10.0

Then went back to the speeds from 10.0 to 9.5 etc with the 5.5 rest in between. At the end I had 1 minute left that was supposed to be at 5.5 but I decided to push myself a little further and end on the 10.0 for just one more minute. What a doozy. I then ended with my cool down walk for 2.5 minutes.

Anyways, this workout was quick (only lasted 30 minutes), difficult, and so effective. High Intensity workouts (HITT) are truly the best kind of exercise to get your heart and lungs workin extra hard, boost your metabolism, and burn fat.  I highly suggest you give this workout a try sometime- but go at your own pace. i.e. your recovery speed might just be 3.0 and your sprint speed might only get up to 5.0 but it doesn't matter. Start where you are and gradually you will see your speeds improve as your fitness levels begin to soar to new heights over time. On the way back down from 10.0 on that workout the 8.5's and 9.0's felt so much easier than before. You really can push yourself further than you think. It's all in the mind.

Anyways, enough preachin. Here are some pics from our lovely Thanksgiving! It was my first time hosting/ cooking the big meal!

my two favorite boys

Father and Son together for Holidays

making my Mm-mm good taters

Joyful Mother-in-Law, who was a big help

turkey carvin time!

All together- Our friends Cory and Chrysta, Seth and I,  Mom and Dad Trader
It was such a fun time and weekend! Now it's time to pack and get ready to leave! First to Georgia to see my beautiful Kayla and her new baby sister! (I'm soooo excited!) then it's off to North Carolina!!! Whooop, whoooop!! Big changes are ahead, ya'll ;)


  1. Great pics- Mom and dad T look cute, as do you and Seth! Love the apron :)

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