Thursday, April 28, 2011

No excuses

Ya know what I was thinking earlier while I was sprinting and watching just a little too much jiggling going on around my hips...

I thought that it really is amazing that God gave us the ability to shape and train our bodies however much we want and to what degree that we desire. We make decisions daily on what to put in our mouths, how much we move our bodies, and how motivated we want to be to be healthy, successful, and strong. The mind is such a powerful tool. The body is well. And when they're both strong together, that's when success happens.

Sorry if I'm getting a lil too Jillian Michaels on ya or preachy, but I'm just expressing my thoughts. To think that if I really put my mind and body to what I want in my health and fitness level... well I guess I could be anything I really want. I could mold my body into what I want it to look like. I could make my heart and lungs so strong that I could run miles and miles and never tire. I could become motivation for others who are seeking health and fitness.

So that's what I'm really going to concentrate on from now. And I started it today in fact. Unfortunately, Seth took the jogging stroller with him in the car so I couldn't go on my run with Kayla this morning. So, what could (and I almost did do?) about it? Well I was pretty close to pouting and stuffing my face with some chocolate eggs... when the light bulb went off in my head. I could do my workout DVD and go outside to do some speed work on the driveway while Kayla took her nap. And that's just what I did and I feel great!

sucking down the agua
Which made me also remember that no matter how busy you are, how out of shape you are, and how little time you have... you can always squeeze in some kind of a workout. Even a few minutes of high intensity training will have lasting positive effects on your mood, metabolism, and energy. So get out there and just do it!!!

Ok anyways, back to my regular post. Let's check out today's quick breakfast!

Quaker Maple Sugar Oatmeal and Banana

and lunch:

Quite the assortment!
This was a good lunch! Spinach, feta, cranberry, tomato, and onion salad with Balsamic Vin. Dressing. A greek yogurt with strawberries. A juicy plum. And last but not least some Stacy's Pita chips. Well rounded and delicious if you ask me! I've also had a few of the aforementioned chocolate eggs...

Alrighty guys well Kayla will be up soon so I'm out! Have a great, healthy, and happy Thursday!!

And YAY for Office night!!!

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  1. Totally agree with you! I was home all week with a sick kid, & it would have been all too easy to drown myself in Easter candy & whine about not working out. (That would have been me in the past - totally!) But, I made it happen. Not ideal workout times, & it took quite a bit of coordination with my husband, but I'm back on track with my training plan & feeling good.

    Nice work getting in the exercise!