Friday, April 15, 2011

Countdown Continues

72 hours and counting...

Thankfully this week has sped by pretty quickly!

Tomorrow: manicure, clean, exercise, and more cleaning!!! Also possibly baking some

treats and making welcome home signs for our heros of Sapper 693rd!

It's supposed to be yucky weather this weekend which would normally be drag for me, but

it's perfect cleaning weather. I'll pump up the music and git going early I bet!

Sorry for the lack of normal food/exercise posts. I can tell you that yesterday I ran 8 miles and today 6 

and now my IT Band is botherin me so I'll cool down the running for the weekend.

Seth is officially OUT of Afghan-land and I'm expecting to hear from him tomorrow!

YAY!!!! Almost hereeeeee!!!


  1. So excited for you! Thta is such great news.

  2. TOMORROW!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya girlie!!!