Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Hi Ya'll...

Not much to write today so I'm gonna just put up a few pics and see what comes out as I go.

Another Sunday, another Sunday outfit:

nice n blurry

My yummy breakfast:

Kashi hot cereal, blueberries, wheat germ, and chia seeds

The cutest pup ever:

looks like someone thinks I'm crazy... not too far from the truth
Anyways... been a nice Sunday so far. Sang on worship teams, had a lovely lunch of a veggie sandwich and an almond butter smeared banana, and am about to head out to train a client for the last time til Seth gets home. Yay! Fortunately she's one of my favorite clients, too :)

I'm trying to fill up this week a bunch though to help time go by faster! Monday is Yoga sculpt after work, Tuesday is evening spin class, Wednesday is mani and pedi's, Thursday is hair appointment and cookie making with Corie, and I better make some plans for Friday and possibly Saturday! I'll drive myself crazy if I'm sitting around here too much, especially right before he gets here! Oh should mention too that I'll be cleaning/organizing like crazy this week in anticipation for his arrival. Yay!!

Any other ideas of things to keep me busy this week???


  1. Emily, I love your Sunday outfits!!! :) The picture of Shane looking at you is so great!!! :) So happy that you & Seth will be reunited SOON!!!! :D :D :D :D

  2. Thanks christine!! I'm so so excited too!!!

  3. In terms of keeping yourself busy: clean out your closet, cupboards, kitchen, read, go for long walks, paint your nails, shop for a fun new outfit, plan a menu for next week. . . what can I say, I'm obviously very boring! ;-)