Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm back!!!

Ok, ok....so I know I suck... I haven't forgotten about you guys though!

Let's get the big news outta the way.... Seth's home!!!!

He's been home for a week now and I couldn't be happier. It's all hard to explain but it kinda feels like he's never been gone... and kinda feels like it was all just a nightmare. I dunno. Hard to explain. But either way he's home, safe, and I get to see him everyday!! WHOOOOO!!!

I promise pics are comin soon. I'm on my employers computer and don't have the wires to connect them to the laptop. The homecoming was great though and I would definitely have to put it at the top moment of my life thus far.

Exercise and diet-wise things have remained pretty steady. I ran 7.5 miles yesterday while pushing Kayla in the stroller and I felt GREAT!! I love, love, love my runner's high after a good, sweaty run!! Today was just a simple 2 mile run with Shane this morning plus 10 minutes of arms and abs. We'll see if I end up squeezing anything else in today...

I haven't been taking pictures of my food either but if that's something that ya'll would like for me to keep up with then I will! Just need some feedback! ;)

Ok, well I'm gonna git goin. House Hunters is calling my name...



  1. I just happened upon your blog awhile back, but I love it. I like the pics of your food and actually get some ideas food-wise from you. So keep it coming. So happy Seth is home safe and sound. Answered prayers!

  2. Glad you're blogging again, chica! Keep it up. And in Hannah-speak: "I'm totes jell that you can run 7 miles."

  3. House Hunters can consume my life. I love seeing the inside of other houses.
    Glad Seth is back!!

  4. Congrats on the hubby being back safe and sound!
    Please continue to post food pic's. =)