Monday, April 4, 2011

rainy and warm monday

Let's get straight into Today's Food:

Breakfast: half a bagel with egg whites, spinach, tomato, and feta

Lunch: Leftover wheat pasta with marinara sauce, spinach, and parm

After both of these meals I was full but only for about 2 or 3 hours... Weird too because they should have filled me up better. I also had a scoop of peanut butter, watermelon slices, and most of a yellow bell pepper. Plus a few handfuls of turtle chex mix and a small reeses egg. So yeah, not sure why I've been so hungry.  Oddly enough I nearly fainted/threw up at work for no reason. I was just standing there with my client and felt nauseous and my hearing started to go and I felt weak. I squatted down and closed my eyes and it went away pretty quickly but it was still strange. Anyone have any ideas of why that happened to me? I had some red grapes about an hour and a half prior to it happening. I drank lots of water today and wasn't very active so not sure... but I scarfed down a special K bar and felt fine a few minutes later. Ohhh well, mystery I guess!

Workout today: Walked/ jogged with Kayla and got caught in the rain! Haha she's so sweet and we both just laughed and dried off when we got home :) Did level 2 of Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt at lunch time. After working with my clients I did 30 intense minutes on the Arc Trainer. Such a cool machine. Much better than the elliptical in my opinion. 
 I just had a veggie burger and sweet potato fries and my belly is feeling a little off... Nerves perhaps?
I should mention that I had a great morning for 2 reasons: Seth called and is officially on his way outta there!!! And I loved seeing my little Kaylabug this morning after a week of not seeing her. She gave me the best and longest hug this morning :) Yay for love in all shapes and forms! Can't wait to give my hero some much deserved and anticipated lovin' :)


  1. Aw I wanna meet little Kaylabug :)

    SO glad Seth is on his way HOME!

  2. I love Jillian Michaels work out videos, well I only have two and enjoy them a lot.

    So happy & excited for you that Seth is on his way to you!!! YAY!!!!!!!

  3. After you eat, how long do you wait to start working out?

  4. depends on what you ate and the kind of work out you're going to be doing, but I'd definitely give yourself at least an hour after eating to workout. especially a long run or intense workout :)