Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In the Swing of Things

Helloooooooo! It feels good to be back on here. I missed you guys! Plus I've been "cheating" a bit on my healthy lifestyle this past week so it's good to be back here. You guys help keep me accountable! But I must say I wouldn't take back any slice of pizza, bite of chinese, or scoop (times 10) of ice cream I've enjoyed with my love! But it feels even better to be getting back on track and eat me some veggies and protein!!
Like Today's Breakfast:

Egg whites, spinach, and a bit of feta! YUM!
Lunch looked alittle somethin like this:

Whole green pepper sliced, pb and j, and greek yogurt with blueberries

Easter candy.... Best. Candy. Ever.

I also had a few pita chips on the side with a bit of olive cheese spread. Lunch was delicious, protein-filled, and hopefully will keep me full for a few hours until snack time!

Workout: Woke up to warmth and humidity this morning! That equals to great running weather with the pupster! We ran our 3 mile loop and I incorporated some running/sprint intervals in there at the end. Felt GREAT!!! I did about 5 minutes of seated squats, jumping squats, and plie squats to get in some lower body toning and will probably do another round of that here in a few minutes.  Working out the legs is not my favorite thing to do.... isn't running/walking/ biking enough??? Well doing those cardiac exercises are great for various reasons but I perform and look best when I start getting in some lower body work so I will definitely be adding in some more exercises to my workout regime. 
Kayla and I walked a trail up here this morning called the Calcium trails. 4 sweaty miles later we were done and I was craving something coooooolllld. So I stopped and picked up an unsweetened peach flavored iced tea from DD.

Nice change up from iced coffee
Then we headed to the park on this beautiful day!

cutie pa tutie

We had a great morning! It feels so nice to be outside getting in some exercise and Vitamin D!

I'll be doing a whole post with pics from the homecoming soon so stay tuned for that!
Hope you're having a happy hump-day!

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