Thursday, March 17, 2011



I didn't even remember to wear green today but I did enjoy a shamrock shake with Kayla and Corie ;)
And this is officially the LAST holiday I'll have to spend without Seth! Whoop whoop!

The weather was gorgeous today! High of 59 and mostly sunny! Kayla and I got out nice and early and ran 6 miles in the good old stroller. The added resistance gives you such a great burn in your arms too.
Later we walked 4 miles with Corie on a local trail and I finished out the day with a easy 2 mile walk while catching up with my mama. So to total that up... 6 miles ran and 6 miles walked. I just couldn't help myself but be outside!!

My breakfast gave me the energy I needed for my run. Enter peanut butter banana oatmeal!

Love this combo!
Lunch was pretty darn tootin good too! Grilled turkey and colby cheese sandwich with spinach, carrots, whole grain pita chips, and garlic hummus for dippin.

Love me some melted cheese
 Yum! Now it's chill time. Community and The Office are on tonight!! Can't wait to watch these shows with my man!! <3


  1. PB & banana oats is the best combo, only chocolate can make it better. I love Community & the Office - watched those with my boyfriend last night too!

  2. Saw your blog post from skinny runner :)! Hi from Diary of a Scatterbrain. I'm excited to read more of your blog!