Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend update

It was a dreary day here in the North Country... 45 degrees, windy, and rain, rain, rain...

But work was calling my name so I made my way to the gym. Before that though I had this:

Choco-chip protein pancakes with strawberries
and did an hour and a half of the elliptical at the gym with Corie in preparation for our half marathon in (gasp!) 3 weeks! My stomach is still off and I'm still very tired and achy but we knew we had to get something in today. As always, glad I did :)

Then I rushed home and ate this before going into work:

It was a whole grain bagel with turkey and cheddar cheese with spinach. I toasted it until the cheese was nice and melted. Served on the side was nearly a whole red bell pepper.

Protein, whole grains, and veggies

I'll have to eat this lunch again soon. Very nice on this cold n' wet day!

Then I left for work but first snapped a picture for ya'll

bringing the workout skirt back
I got the bottom part of the outfit at Old Navy and the top is Underarmour. I like fitness/running skirts. They're comfy and easy to move around in. And..cute! At least I think so..

So 2 out of my 5 clients canceled on me which was a little annoying but fine. Like I said I'm tired.

Now I'm at home, resting tonight. I'm glad for no work tomorrow because I have a client nearly everyday this week! Yay for business! But no more clients for me. My schedule is full enough for me!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little niece RUBY!

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