Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll be back tomorrow!

Hey Peeps, sorry about my lack of posts yesterday. It's been busy round here...

My sis leaves tomorrow so i will try to go back to regular posting after she leaves. But for now I'd rather
spend the time I have with her. Might not see her again for a while as she leaves for Air Force boot camp in a few weeks!!

In other news... Seth should be home by this time next month!! Can I get a whoot whoot!!!?
For those of you who are new readers, my husband has been deployed to Afghanistan since May 2nd of last year. I haven't seen him since last November. I can't WAIT to have my best friend here with me and feel like myself again!!

See ya tomorrow with regular posting! Happy Hump Day!!


  1. You get a Whoot Whoot from Behn and I!!!! Graham can't wait to meet his Unkie Seth :)

  2. Whoot Whoot!! I'm so happy for you two, that you'll soon be reunited!!! :)