Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cleaning, enchiladas, and running!

My "Spring Break" has officially started!! Kayla's family is leaving for New Orleans today and will be gone through next week. I am picking up some extra hours at the gym with my clients but other than that I will be working through my check list. What check list is that you say? Well... I tend to keep the apartment pretty neat and tidy (though I am by NO means a neat freak) and since Seth's return is coming quickly there's a few things in the house I want to deep clean or "spring clean". Think switching over my wardrobe from winter to spring/summer, gettin down and dirty with my kitchen floor and cabinets, and spiffing up our truck so it looks pretty inside and out! 

I am a "list" person for sure. I feel so accomplished when I can check things off of it! So I'm looking forward to doing just that and having our little apartment nice and clean! There are some rooms I'll save for cleaning right before he comes home like the bathroom and living room. It might not seem to exciting to ya'll but it just means his return is getting closer and closer!!

Oh probably should mention to you that I will not be making my trip down to DE with Corie to run the half this weekend. Due to some last minute conflicts we are just not able to go down. HOWEVER...
We are still running a half marathon tomorrow!! It'll just be myself and Corie and the foot paths of Fort Drum, but we're still doin it. I really do not like when I can't follow through on a commitment so we decided to just do our own up here. I'll just bring along some snacks and mini hand held water bottle and it will be great! Look for a full recap tomorrow!

So let's get to yesterday's food!
Breakfast: I attempted overnight oats. Complete failure? No. Utter success? Not quite.

goey and... kinda tasty...but more just pasty
   I made mine with rolled oats, 1/4 cup of plain greek yogurt, a small scoop of pb, a splash of milk, chopped banana, and cinnamon.  It tasted okay...

Me at 6:30 in the morning... sorry if this makes you want to gorge your eyes out

So of course I ate it. I was trained to eat what is put before me. And I love food. I think I'll just have to play around with some different recipes because the idea of cold and creamy oats in the morning sounds delightful. This was just too... sticky for me :)

About 9 o'clock in the morning is when some serious snacking ensued. I don't even recall everything I consumed but I know a left-over side salad and copious handfuls of m&m's were in there...
So by the time lunch came around I wasn't so hungry. Knowing that I should try and still get something nutritious in my tummy, I heated up some leftovers from Kayla's parents.

Shrimp, veggies, and rice
Yeah I didn't really pack a lunch yesterday but I knew they were kinda trying to clean out their fridge because of their trip  so I figured I'd help them out a lil ;)

The rest of the day was great! Quick phone call from my love, jump-started the volvo(again), and hung out with Corie! She made delicious enchiladas for dinner! You can find the recipe Here. They were vegetarian too but full of lots of flavor!

Now I'm eating some breakfast of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with banana and blueberries..

before I take the pup for a run around the neighborhood. It might only be 18 degrees out but it's sunny!
Happy Saturday folks!

Are you a list person?
 What are your weekend plans??


  1. I need to do some deep-cleaning too. I switched over my clothes this week (it was 80 degrees, however tomorrow it is supposed to SNOW). This house is pretty big (lots to clean) and baby stuff everywhere makes it cluttered but I still like it clean.

  2. I'm really good at making lists, but 10 minutes later I have no idea where I put the list. Obviously it doesn't work out very well for me.
    I'm working this morning then heading the Spring Football game at Texas Tech. : ) Hope you have a great weekend! Good luck on your 13.1 miles tomorrow!!

  3. I am absolutely a list person! I make a list of everything, including "lists I need to make"! I want to do spring cleaning and switch over my wardrobe to spring/summer but seems spring was delayed up here in Ontario Canada....It was -10C with the windchill this afternoon!