Sunday, March 13, 2011

I did it!!

Post run pic
Finished in 1:31. All 10 miles. That's about a 9:12 mi/min pace, which I'm really pleased with. I wasn't going for speed today, just wanted to make sure I finished strong. I picked up my pace the last mile and a half to about an 8:20 min/mi. Thank you God for legs that can function and get me moving. That was definitely the pick me up I needed today!

I really wasn't planning on running today at all. My left knee has been hurtin as well as my IT Band. Thankfully, today I did not experience any pain before the run or during it. The IT Band is a little sore now but with continued stretching and running-sticking (ha!), it should be just fine. I was just not feeling great earlier today. I felt tired,  unmotivated, and somewhat depressed with the nasty weather we've been experiencing. (Yes, I woke up to snow yet again this morning!) The half marathon is in exactly 2 weeks so now that I've gotten in that run I feel much more confident that I can run the race! Unless, of course, a certain someone decides to show up real early ;)

Before my run, I had breakfast which was my p.b. oatmeal. Then I headed off to church:

Last time having to wear boots? Pleaseeee :)

After church I went to lunch at Panera with a couple friends. I enjoyed half of a bbq chicken salad and a baguette on the side. Post run I've had a banana, skittles, a few pita chips with laughing cow cheese, and the other half of the salad. Yum!

Now it's time to chill and fold some laundry. Easy night ahead, thank goodness!

P.S. Thinking of Seth and the fact that this deployment is almost over is what really pushed me through this long run. Love you honey!!

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