Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can't think of a title tonight...

Heyyy guys

Hump-day is almost over! I have to say that I think Wednesday may be might least favorite day of the week. Nothing particularly wrong with it, just a little boring I suppose.

At least my food wasn't too boring!

Breakfast: Kashi cereal, banana slices, coffee and the Bible!

Great combo!
Lunch was pretty exciting too. But I get excited at little/weird stuff so...

Frozen Pb & J

My favorite greek yogurt with honey :)

as well as some roasted veggies on the side! It's nice to switch it up from my usual salad sometimes.

I am also giving up a few "indulgences" for Lent but I'm not going to name them on here for personal reasons. I know I will follow through with this because of the reason behind my decision to give up a few things from  my diet.  I'm excited to do this!  Are any of you guys giving up anything for Lent??

I'm gonna git goin, American Idol and ANTM are on now!

Tomorrow I've got 2 clients after I get off of work! My muscles are gonna feeeeel it Friday!!

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