Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am lame.

Um, hi guys... I got no excuses. I'm just lazy. Which is why I didn't post yesterday. And why this post stinks like poo.

Latest news these days...

- I am an Aunt again! Elliot James Reichardt was born early this morning! Can't wait to see pictures of him!
- Seth is due to get the heck out of Afghan-land very, very soon. Like I can count down the days on my short, stubby fingers.

I jogged lightly with Shane for 2 miles today with no pain. ( my left hamstring had been giving me some grief since my 13.1 mile run on Sunday) Also did body pump and elliptical :)

- I spent nearly the whole day with one of my favorite clients shopping and eating at Chipotle in Syracuse. Had a great time!

-Now I am watching America's Next Top Model ( don't judge) and am signing out! I hope to actually post for real tomorrow! Night!


  1. YES! Syracuse, my hometown!! Of course, they did not have a chipotle there before I left. Or a Moe's for that matter! I'm quite certain I found you on SkinnyRunner a few weeks ago. :) Cute Blog!

  2. Yay for Seth being home so soon!
    I might have just watched Americans Next Top Model, too. Those girls are a mess.

  3. I'm so happy for you that Seth will be leaving Afghan-land soon!!! :)

  4. Hiiiii Emmy. I just woke up and am in a silly mood :) Miss you lady!

    Been watching ANTM online. Not their prettiest season, there are some weird lookin' girls on there.