Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodbye Olivia...

I will miss you my sweet little sister!!

I had so much fun with her here visiting me during my last lonely month before Seth returns. I don't know when I'll see her next because she's super amazing and is about to be braver than I could ever be. Yes, she has joined the military. Air force specifically. And she is headed to boot camp in just a couple weeks. She did leave me this sweet thing though...

"Where's my Mama?"

Such a sweet pup!!!
So yes, this is Shane, the latest addition to the Trader family. He is very love-able and sweet. He's also very well trained and hardly ever barks, jumps up, or begs for food. Basically, he's the perfect dog!!
Seth and I are proud to be his parents and promise to take very good care of our little pup! I'm thinking he and I will become very good running buddies :)

So before Livy left I made her some "special" pancakes for breakfast. Ok, they aren't really special at all. I used Wheat Blends pancake mix (sorry, I know I'm lame that I don't make home-made!) and added frozen blueberries and dried cranberries:

Colorful and tasty

I really stink at cooking pancakes (Seth rocks at it though) but in my opinion they still tasted pretty darn tootin' good! I'll definitely be making several different healthy versions of pancakes in the future! 

After I said bye to Olivia I headed to work to play with my little Kayla. We went for a nice 4 mile run with the stroller because the sun finally decided to make an appearance today! Yippeee!!

Next up was lunch: Leftover buffalo chicken pattie sandwich and steamed bell pepper and carrots:

easy peasy
I then did Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and followed that up with a strawberry banana Chobani yogurt for my muscles. Protein, baby! I love when I'm actually productive at lunch-time. I also got a phone call from this cutie:

What's trippin ya up, honey? ;)
So great day overall. I even got off work a little early and did some extra cardio on the elliptical before meeting with a client. Now I'm chillin for the night with my new pup!!

Hopefully there's a new Office episode on tonight!!


  1. I bought the Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt Down, but haven't tried it yet. Do you like it?

    Shane is so cute!!

  2. Yeah it's a nice little sweat. I definitely feel it the day after. Plus, it's only 30 minutes long which is perfect for me!

    Thanks- I think he's a cutie too :)

  3. The ranch on your sandwich bun is in the shape of an "S" :)