Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It finally got here! I can officially say that SETH will be home next month!! God-willing that is...

I have some exciting things planned for March too:

- Hanging with my sister Olivia in mid March when she comes to visit. Oh, and becoming a dog owner!! (she joined the Air Force and Seth and I are going to take her golden retriever pup off of her hands :))
- Working out with new clients
-The first day of Spring!!
-Getting the house cleaned up, making sure the cars are in good order, etc...
- Running the Ceasaer Rodney Half in DE the last weekend of the month with CORIE!!

and many, many other fun things too I'm sure. Let's hope March is a quick and smile-filled month!
Oh, I ordered the welcome home banner for Seth over the weekend! Yay it should be here by the end of the month!! Also, after talking to Seth, we decided to sponsor a child through World Vision. We are now officially supporting a young 2 year old from Haiti named Fadson. He looks like such a sweetie! Excited to learn more about him in the coming weeks!

So let's get to TODAY'S FOOD:
Breakfast: my egg white, spinach, and cheddar cheese bagel paired with a cup of black coffee

Lunch: Banana and peanut butter bagel, and a big ol' salad with mixed greens, spinach, broccoli slaw, tomato, mushroom, gorgonzala cheese, and walnuts. Topped it off with some avacodo ranch dressing
I found at Kayla's house. Whoops! Not the best choice but it was a nice change from my balsamic vin.

veggies, protein, and fruit
I also munched on these after lunch:

Chocolate is girl's best friend
In a little, Kayla and I are going to go meet up with Corie for a walk!! She's finally back from Puerto Rico! Yay!!

Have a great March 1st!!

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