Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kettlebell kicks butt

Hi friends!!

Sorry about my short post yesterday. I meant to post again last night but I had Bible study then Seth and I were busy catching up =)

Let me do a real quick re-cap of food yesterday:

Breakfast: Heart to heart Kashi cereal with skim milk and a slice of whole grain bread with pb

Lunch: Mmmm...lunch was tasty! It consisted of oven roasted chicken sausage, onion, a whole bell pepper, broccoli, and cauliflower.

colorful lunch
I know I threw some other things down my throat but can't remember just what!

Anyways, on to today. I told you a few posts ago that I've been training a client with kettlebells and I've really been enjoying it! So, I went and bought my own today and just finished a 40 minute workout while Kayla's been sleeping.

yes...I'm a nerd thank you very much
It was a great workout! I can feel it in my shoulders, legs, and abs. Mission accomplished! Plus I got up a nice sweat (but when do I not sweat?) and my heart rate was up with mountain climbers and squat thrusts intervals. Ohhhh yeah!

Yesterday I got 3 more clients for Saturday which brings me to 7 total clients and 5 in a row on Saturday! I think I'm going to have to cut myself from new clients for a while. Plus, Seth's coming home soon! And I need to be with him at night and weekends :)

So on to Today's food:
Breakfast: my pb oatmeal with a sprinkling of suga!

Lunch: I just ate it actually. It consisted of: A whole wheat wrap with onion, mushrooms, broccoli slaw, and spinach with a few smears of roasted garlic hummus. Also, had non fat greek yogurt with honey and a handful of cheerios on top. I just love the taste and texture of greek yogurt! Try it today! Lastly, had a babybel (not pictured) cheese circle thingy.

protein, fiber, and veggies
Now I'm full and excited to work out later with a quick run and spin class. Yay! Then Corie and I are going to hang out and watch THE OFFICE! Love Thursdays!!

Enjoy your day!

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