Monday, March 21, 2011

Chicken tastes better on Mondays

MMmm I devoured some very tasty food today. So let's "dig" right into it!!!

Breakfast: Chobani peach yogurt with blueberries and Heart to Heart Kashi cereal mixed in. Simple and very delicious!

creamy, fruity, and crunchy
Next up is lunch! Homemade buffalo chicken burger with melted colby jack cheese and a smear of non-fat ranch and a big old salad that Livy made for me this morning!


mixed greens, spinach, tomato, onion, pepper, mushroom, and feta
The homemade burgers were really delicious! I got the recipe from this girl. Only 3 ingredients for these burgers which is why I think I really love them :) Ground chicken, buffalo sauce, and Parmesan cheese. Sweet and simple!

I rarely post dinner but it was a winner tonight so here it is!

"healthy nachos"

This tasty concoction consisted of whole grain tortilla chips, spinach, salsa slow cooked chicken, and mild cheddar cheese. YUM!!!!! 

side of guac too, of course :)
Olivia and I declared this a great meal. The cool thing is we could have added a bunch of other healthy stuff to it as well such as black beans,  greek yogurt (in place of sour cream), and pretty much any veggie you enjoy. I always have next time I guess ;)

During lunch I also got a phone call from a VERY important person in my life... SETH!! It was so great to hear his voice because I hadn't talked to him on the phone in at least a week. I loved every second of it. And the best news is... HE WILL BE HOME VERY SOON!! :):):) My grin will be getting bigger and bigger everyday as we lead up to his homecoming!! Love you baby!!!

Olivia and I took Kayla and Shane (my new pup) on a nice 3 mile walk this afternoon despite the dreary weather. Yes, it snowed this morning... but warmed up a bit in the afternoon. Then I trained a client at the gym and did a lil cardio myself: Incline walking and elliptical. I knew I didn't want to run today as I am attempting somewhat of a taper this week because my half marathon is THIS WEEKEND!!! Should be fun because I'm running it with my good friend Corie :)

Do you have any easy chicken recipes you care to share?

Any races coming up you're running?
I'm running the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon this weekend! Located in Wilmington, DE (my hometown) 

And now I leave you with this picture: my sweet Kayla playing in my shoes ;)


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  1. This nachos look delicious! I don't have any easy chicken recipes or I would share!