Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Sunny Miles

I ran 7 glorious miles after work today and will be feeling the endorphins the rest of the day. I feel like I almost needed that run. Thank you, God for giving me 45 degrees, blue skies, and wind today ;)

Okay, so I could have gone without the wind but it didn't matter. Still a great run. I completed my run with 8:13 min/mile pace which I'm pretty proud about considering I was running against the wind for half of it. The wind was so strong at times I had a little trouble breathing properly but I pushed through it and don't regret a second! That's the thing with running or working out in general: you never regret it ( unless you injure yourself of course!)

Post-run pic with lots of frizzies

So that was a great way to end the work week. Seth's phone call this morning also helped with my upbeat mood today, too ;)

Lunch: It was another salad. and a weird one at that. I kinda packed it last night and when Seth called this morning I didn't really have time to finish getting it ready. After adding some ingredients at Kayla's house, it turned into this weird mexicanish salad:

Odd mix
  It included spinach, mixed greens, seasoned ground turkey, red bell pepper slices, broccoli slaw, mozz/prov cheese, and some fritos chips. For dressing I added a little light ranch, bbq sauce, and salsa.
It tasted ok but wouldn't necessarily suggest anyone to remake it. I can do a really yummy taco salad too so I'll do better next time with more prep!

For dinner I had half of a frozen Kashi pizza and a hot chocolate. Now time to catch up on some shows I missed this week!

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