Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's try that again

4.25 miles outside!

Ok, so let me just say yet again how important running/working out is for your mental state.
Before my run I was struggling to get my mind off of negative thoughts that were doing nothin but bringing me down.
After my run (and lots of talking with God), my mind is clear and I am re-focused and happy. Thank you LORD for sunshine and warmer weather today!!!

So I was busy yesterday like I said earlier. Met with my first client to exercise and it went really well! At least I think. She was out of breath 85% of the time which meant her heart rate was up and movin. I'm afraid she might be super sore today though! :/

After that I met up with my friend Kim to go shopping at the mall in Syracuse. I ended up getting this cute summer dress on sale:

Only 20 bucks!
 What do you think Seth?  It's strapless and just a little bit hippy like me :)

So that was fun a afternoon. We had Panera for lunch on the way down which is always a treat.

Let's take a look at Today's food:
Had to make breakfast quick because I was running late so just had a Luna bar and banana.
Lunch: Half of a subway turkey footlong and grapes. I'll be having the other half for dinner :)
Also, snacked on some Rits toasted chips and hummus. 
And just for any clarification: I do not ever journal on here everything I eat in a day. I don't want anyone thinking all I have is oatmeal and a salad. I only post breakfast and lunch usually for the reason of attempting to share with ya'll some of my healthy food staples. Anywaaaayss...

So wanna see how ghetto-fab my "cloffice" is at work?

Thats it!
And it kinda reeks too because they keep old exercise equipment in there. I always apologize to my clients for the smell. Maybe I should invest in some air freshener....

Just got back from there actually, met with a new client today. So that's 3 total so far!
Off to a good start...

Well I'm gonna head out. Please continue to pray for Seth and the men he is with. We may be close to the end, but until is behind is on the plane heading home, we need extra prayers for safety and perseverance. Appreciate it much!
Bye Guys!


  1. You know we're praying down here in Virginia! Behn said he and Graham said an out-loud prayer while I was working- so sweet! I'm praying too. Love you, you health nut!

  2. Emily, I love reading your blog!! I have enjoyed eating some of your healthy meals too!! :) We're praying for you & Seth here in Florida!

  3. That picture of outside just made me soo excited to move out there, even with 1000 inches of snow its soo beautiful! and the dress is so cute! Prayers your way, not to much longer girl!

  4. thanks guys, appreciate the nice comments! :)