Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Post

Hello blog world... or rather friends and family that I have told about my new blog! I'm not entirely sure what this blog is going to entail, but if nothing else it will give you a little look into my life. I'm a busy army wife, personal trainer, full time babysitter, and friend/daughter to some good people. I strive to be healthy and fit and I am always looking for ways to push myself, mentally and physically. The last 9 months of my life have been challenging. My husband has been deployed to Afghanistan but will be returning soon!

The above picture is Seth right after he completed Air Assault school! I have a feeling a lot of my posts will have to do with him. He is such an amazing guy and I miss him so much. However, I promise not to let it get out of hand. Who wants to sit and read a blog all about anxiety, loneliness, and the perils of being an army wife? ;)
I am a very positive person and would rather share with ya'll my tips and tricks for being healthy and STAYING healthy! Exercise is such a life saver, literally! I know it has helped me fight off many a bad day. It's good for the body AND mind.
The thing that I do know about this blog is that I will not be posting daily pictures of all the food I consumed. I might share some simple recipes or meals that I have with you, but that's about the extent of it. Like, this morning I had for breakfast...
An egg-white sandwich with laughing cow cheese, spinach, and portobello mushrooms on an arnold thins multi grain sandwich. Oh, and 2 cups of coffee with creamer.  Delicious and nutritious! Whole grains, protein, and some veggies. Good enough for me!
Anyways, I gotta get scootin' but hope you enjoy this little blog of mine and visit again soon!
I'll leave you with this picture of me and my man :)

Have a GREAT Wednesday!!

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