Thursday, February 3, 2011

Health tips and tricks

Hey peeps! Ahhhh feels so good to be home in my jammies. Today was pretty full. Worked til 4:30 then went to the gym and ran a 5k on the treadmill followed by an hour long spin class. I can feel the burn! (and it feels good :)
I really do love my babysitting job. The little girl I babysit is so dern cute and easy to manage as well. She's 1 1/2 years old and her name is Kayla.
isn't she a cutie-pa-tutie?!
 So as I promised, I will now present to you my top three health tips:
#1: Eat a solid breakfast everyday
And eat it preferably no later than an hour after you wake up. oh, and try to have a good mixture of complex carbs, protein, and fiber. this could be a greek yogurt(my fav!) with fruit and granola, egg   whites with cheese or veggies on whole grain toast, or simply a slice of whole grain toast with natural peanut butter and banana slices. The possibilities with breakfast are endless. One of my personal favorites is oatmeal with blueberries or cranberries with a touch of low fat milk and a bit of wheat germ. So yummy! You're goal with breakfast is to eat approximately 250-350 calories and eat foods that keep you full.
#2: Start moving more!
This one's pretty obvious, but I want to emphasize that even just a little extra movement everyday can make a big difference. No excuses either. The point with this is that it's not the quantity you put into it, but rather the quality. I know we all have busy lives and sometimes exercise can be the last thing on our minds. However, instead of parking as close as you can next time you're out, why not park in the very back and get in some extra steps. Instead of laying on the couch while you watch tv, get your booty on the floor and do some lunges and sit ups. Instead meeting with a friend for lunch, meet them for a walk. Little things add up. Exercising is proven to give us more energy and helps to fight off many illnesses and diseases. So do it for yourself, your family, whomever is important to you. Make every minute count and strive to get movin at least 5 out of the 168 hours in a week.
#3: Eat in moderation
Are you sick of going on the 16th diet? Do you wonder why you crave delicious (and unhealthy) foods more at night? Are you depriving yourself so many "fattening" foods and wondering why you still aren't losing weight? Well, I have good news for you. A simpler way of living perhaps. With everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you eat, do so in moderation. Example: last night I was lazy and ordered a veggie thin crust pizza from Papa John's. I don't do this often (esp without Seth-the-eating-machine here) but decided to do it last night because I was craving it. So I ate 3 normal sized slices and called it a night. The rest have been left overs that I've enjoyed as well for today's lunch and dinner. Ok, I'm pizza'd out now, but you get the point. Eat until you're full- NOT stuffed- and drink plenty of water while you chow down. There's no "bad" foods, unless you have diabetes or other illnesses that cause a strict diet. Fill up with fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein and you should be good to go! Oh, and eat that cookie or piece of cake when it's calling your name. Just not the whole batch ;)

Alright ya'll I'm done bantering on about all this. Hope you got through it and maybe, just maybe it will help you make better decisions everyday! Off to watch A.I. and The Office.
Tomorrow is my meeting at the gym so I'll let ya know how it goes!

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