Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be Thankful

Today's post is inspired by Chantel, a girl I sing with on my church's worship team. She's 18, beautiful, and full of life. Monday night, however, she found out she might have early signs of Lymphoma, a deadly cancer of the lymphoid cells. I can't imagine how I would react if I was told I may have cancer...of any kind! Despite this news she still came to worship team practice last night and was smiling and laughing as if nothing was wrong. I was amazed at her peaceful spirit. Prayers for her are defitinely needed of course as the doctors continue to diagnose and treat her.

It got me thinking this morning as I was doing my devotions just how precious life is. How thankful I should be to God everyday for my good health. That every limb can move. That every nerve is felt. That every breath is breathed. In a moment that all can change. It is only by His Grace that we are able to function as we do.

So, my question is, if we ARE capable of eating healthy, exercising, and treating our bodies right, why don't we more often? We CAN control what we put into our bodies, and how much exercise we give our muscles, heart, and lungs, so what's stopping us?

Think about it. I know I will. And BE THANKFUL for the health God has given to us.
Until next time...

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