Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's getting high

The pile of snow surrounding my driveway, that is. Take a look for yourself:
my poor tree!
See! I wasn't kidding! Please say a prayer with me tonight that it DOESN'T snow anymore tonight. I have much better things to be doing at 6 in the morning besides shoveling. Sleeping being primary.

And just for entertainments sake, I took a picture of how I look when I wake up and shovel my butt off
"Seth, please come back soon and bring Spring with you!"
So after shoveling this morning, I knew I'd want a nice n' hot breakfast. Enter my egg, spinach, and cheese bagel!
This thing was sooo tasty! It consisted of half of a Thomas Multi-Grain bagel, egg whites and one whole egg, a handful of spinach, and a few slices of melted white cheddar cheese...Mmmm
Delicious, filling, and nutritious!

The rest of my meals today were sporadic and random. I think that's why I love breakfast so much. There are so many great choices out there you can never go wrong. Well, unless you eat pop tarts and cold pizza, which I'm assuming most of you don't ;) Seriously though, when I started eating breakfast everyday about a year ago, I lost 5 lbs straight off the bat! Getting your metabolism started is SO important!

Anyways, I'm gonna head out. Happy 17th Birthday to my little, but not so little, brother Timmy!
Hope you had a great day!

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