Monday, February 21, 2011

I have the best job in the world

 I just have to start with the most exciting news to share with ya'll!
This morning I came into work...sat down and said hi to Kayla and her parents. The mood was odd and her parents were being extra quiet. They asked me to sit down and wanted to tell me something....
To say the least, I was ready to pee my pants at this point! What have I done wrong? Are they upset with me??... It's actually the opposite!
They got Seth and I a homecoming/thank you-for-babysitting present in the form of....

Bose home theatre package!
I was soooo shocked when they showed me what they picked up for us over the weekend! I had mentioned it to Eric recently that I was going to try and get Seth a Bose surround system for his homecoming present but NEVER expected that they would buy it for us! I feel so incredibly blessed to work for the Hill family. They are extremely generous and thoughtful and I love Kaylabug so much! She has definitely helped me get through this deployment with her hugs, kisses, and smiles everyday. Yay for wonderful surprises!!!

I was able to tell Seth this morning and he was in just as much shock was I was. I'm going to let him set it all up when he gets home so he can pick where he wants to mount the speakers and what not.

So that was definitely an awesome way to start the week! Also, I've decided I'm going to try to give up sweets until Seth gets home. I've notcied I've been letting myself pig out a little more than usual on chocolate, candies, and cookies so I'm taking a break. This is NOT because I need to lose weight. It's just a challenge that I want to give myself as I try to be the healthiest version of me that I can be!
Once Seth gets home we'll be indulging on my special brownie sundaes plenty. So I'll try and hold out for that ;) I'm going to keep yall accountable on here, too. Wish me luck!!

Breakfast: No picture, but it was my PB and banana bagel with cinnamon.  Yum yum!

Lunch: Delicious loaded salad:

veggies galore
It contained: Spinach, mixed greens, red bell slices, onion, broccoli slaw, deli turkey, and this delicious mix of avocado, tomato, and corn that Shannon makes. So, so good! Also, had a couple handfuls of whole grain cheez-its. Now I'm full and ready to relax while Kayla sleeps.
Later I plan on getting in a solid workout, watch the Bachelor, and maybe talk to my sweetheart tonight!
Happy Monday!

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