Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Weekend Down

If I close my eyes hard enough, do you think I could teleport back to this place with a strawberry daquiry in hand and Seth laying next to me? Oh how I wish...

North country winter weather is kinda brutal. At least 10 inches fell overnight. That meant snow shoveling my car and driveway out for 40 minutes this morning so I could get to church in time for worship team. When will it ever stop?! Oh, shoot I already know the answer to that... May.

Anywayyyys, enough sad talk. Let's get to the good stuff. Guess who I heard from last night...
 This handsome fella:
Sorry babe I had to do it!

Wait a second... I meant this very, very handsome fella:
Isn't he just so sweet looking?
So back to what I was saying... I heard from Seth last night! Got to talk to him for a solid couple hours which was so, so nice. Definitely fell asleep with a big smile on my face :)

Today, the day of rest, was pretty peaceful and relaxing as well. Went to church, sang on worship team, heard a good sermon on marriage,  and later hit up the community center gym for some light cardio and stretching while I'll talked to my sweet mother-in-law. My legs and butt are majorly sore today from yesterday's Jillian Michaels killer workout so I didn't want to over do it on my muscles.

I just got back from a little Superbowl party at Kaylabug's house. Tasty food but didn't care for the game much. Glad I went, it's always nice to get out of the house when you have too much time on your hands. Now I am super sleepy and ready to hit the hay. Here comes Monday... and another week is

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