Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day, Shmalentine's Day

Hey Everyone!
To all who celebrate today..Happy Valentine's Day! And to everyone else... Happy Monday! Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday. My internet was sucking big time. It was super frustrating, but somehow I was able to do the taxes. BIG check off of my list!

Yesterday was pretty good. Went to church and sang on the worship team. I love helping lead worship!

Sunday Church Outfit
 After church my client called and cancelled our appointment because she has walking peumonia. Poor woman! So, I was thinking about lunch and decided to be lazy and grabbed a turkey sub from Subway. Seth and I did this often on Sundays. I'm like my mom: I like my meals quick and easy on Sunday.
The rest of the day was pretty chill. Managed to get myself out the door for an easy cardio work-out. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, bike, and elliptical. Finished off the my workout with burpies ( walk out push ups with a jump) and medicine ball crunches.

This morning I enjoyed one of my favorite breakfasts: half of a multi-grain bagel with peanutbutter and slices of banana. Topped with cinnamon!

Can't go wrong with peanutbutter and banana :)
 Like I said earlier, Happy V-day to all who celebrate it. It's not one of my favorite holidays at all. Just not a fan of the pressure that comes with it (as well as all the annoying commercialism). I was, however pleasantly surprised with orange-pink roses from Kayla's parents this morning!  And of course I got the sweetest email from Sethy, too.

Whether you celebrate today or not, have a great Monday and "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say it: rejoice!" -Philipians 4:4

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  1. I ashamed of my breakfast: Reese's cup, coffee, frosted flakes haha! Also 1/2 banana, so thats good :) I went for a run yesterday! It was hard (hills) but I did pretty good and felt great afterward.