Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Recap

Ughhh... winter is back. Not that it really ever left, but I was so excited earlier about the sunshine and warmth. Now it's back to howling winds with snow falling 2 inches per hour. Total bummer.

Still managed to have a good and productive day. After completing my Jillian DVD workout No More Trouble Zones, which by the way I highly recommend, I was off to meet up with Corie for our run. She is congested and has a head cold so we wanted to take it kinda easy. We still pulled off a GREAT run though! 4.40 miles at at 8:40 min/mi pace! Not too shabby. The roads were still wet and slushy so we kinda got messy...
Yep, that's snow I shoveled this morning...just kidding

Corie and her sweet pup Kirby

So after our nice run I headed over to the commissary for some bananas, pretzels, white chocolate chips(I'll explain in a minute :)) and a few other things. Bananas are always on my shopping list. When I run out I get extremely irritated and want to knock someone over (just kidding) but I sure do love having my daily banana. Yum!
After a much needed shower I picked up a few items at Walmart for my new job. Filing folders, daily planner, and the book "Making the Cut" by Jillian Michaels. I have a feeling I'm gonna like it. She is so great at explaining things and is very sensible about her "rules" for diet and exercise. Check it out sometime!
Next I met up with a girl from my spin class who wanted some nutrition advise. Good practice and fun for me, too!

So about those white chocolate chips... Well, my sweet mama had given me a cookie cook book for Christmas and as I was going through it the other day I saw a recipe for white chocolate chip and cherry cookies. I was excited about it to say the least. I've been on a white chocolate kick since Christmas. So my friend Brooke and I made them. She doesn't fancy cherries so we made some without and added milk chocolate chips instead! Sooo good!
When did I become such a cheese ball?

  You bet I ate 4 of those beauties tonight, plus some cookie dough on the side of course ;)
I'm sugared out and ready for bed now. We'll see if I can shovel myself out in time for church tomorrow. Hope so!

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