Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Snow Day!

Ok, I know what you're thinking. She lives in northern NY where it snows nearly everyday from November to April and she's just NOW getting a snow day?! Yup, that's right :) The base was shut down today. Heavy winds and lots of snow helped  "Mr. Dude in charge of Fort Drum" close the place down. Unfortunately I didn't get the call from work that I didn't have to show up until 7:30 so it was too late to go back to bed for me. Once I'm up, I'm up!
I actually had a full day of plans ahead so I'm a little bummed out I won't be able to do those things today. However, I was immediately excited that I can pretty much work out as long and as slowly as I want! So after some lounging around and catching up on some things I strapped on my workout gear and plenty of layers and headed outside to shovel my truck out of the several inches of snow. Good workout right there ;) But not quite enough for me. So off to the gym I went!
I sweated it out for a good hour and 20 minutes while catching up on some TLC shows. Then I had the brilliant idea to make something chocolatey...
I had bought these dried banana slices a while back and had actually forgotten about them. Enter dark chocolate covered banana slices!
 I must say these are quite the tasty little treats. Not too unhealthy either. I mean dark chocolate has anti-oxidants and stuff, right? ;) Either way I enjoyed a few of these after lunch. Next time I want to try dark chocolate covered apricots. Heard those are tasty too.
Here are some pictures of my last week visiting family and friends.
Grandpa and I

First time meeting my niece Marielle

Lilyana and Auntie Em Bonding

Cousin Cuddle Time

My good friend Linds and I at Lake Placid

I also visited my family in Maryland but unfortunately did not snap any pics! Sorry guys!
Anyways, I'm off to shower or nap or watch a movie... or maybe email Seth again. Can't get enough of him! Miss you sweetie!
Til tomorrow... :)

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