Saturday, February 12, 2011

I lied

Hello! I have a bit of extra time on my hands so here comes a recap of my busy and productive Saturday.

Morning: After breakfast and coffee I did one of Jillian Michaels workout DVD's. I wanted one that wasn't too long but that would give me a good workout so I chose level 2 of the 30 Day Shred. Excellent choice! Next, I dug myself out of the driveway. It had been snowing all morning which I was totally bummed out about b/c Corie and I were gonna attempt a long run outside.

Oh well! Off to the post office I went to send Seth's final package!
Next was the gym for an intermediate run on the treadmill, followed by 15 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical. My run was challenging but not too difficult. It looked like this:
1 mile warm up jog at speed 6, then going into intervals of speed 6.5 and 7.5 every quarter mile for 2 miles. Then ended with one more mile at speed 6. Honestly, the hardest part was those 2 warm up and cool down miles. I'm not a very patient person. So, that totaled to 4 miles. Not bad. You know you worked out hard when you look like this when you're done:

sweaty, dirty, and lots of endorphins!
 So "good work out" I was thinking... then I looked outside and saw sunshine! That's one of the good things about Northern NY weather: it can change in a flash. The day turned out to be sunny, warm (30 degrees), and windy! I just couldn't pass up the chance to get in a couple more miles outside so I went home, put on a fleece, and I was out the door with a big grin on my face! Did 2 very, very windy miles outside with a 8:15 min/mi pace! 

One of the things on my to-do list was to clean out our fridge and stock up on veggies and new salad dressings. We had some old nasty ones from before Seth left still in there so I threw those right out! Felt so good :) I went to Walmart and bought lots of delicious veggies for the week as well as organic chicken tenders and jennie-o ground turkey.

Lunch was next and I knew exactly what I wanted: A BIG yummy salad!

Delicious with a capital D
 This salad included: spinach, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, walnuts, blue cheese bits, and chicken. Topped with natural balsamic vinagrette dressing! I give this simple salad two thumbs up!

Tonight I am babysitting 3 little boys which is always fun. I hope someday I get to have mostly or all boys. Don't get me wrong, I love little girls too, especially Kayla, but boys are so much fun! Always going on adventures or playing outside. I need at least one boy to teach baseball or soccer to. If I get all girls, you know they're gonna have to be tom-boys. We'll see what God has in store for us!

Hope you all are having a lovely day! 


  1. Wow I think I'm eating almost the same salad right now hahaha :) And it's delicious toooooo! But I haven't done my run yet for the day... I procrastinated so bad that when I realized I was way too hungry to do anything... so lunch first and then RUN! :)

  2. Thats awesome! Hope you had a great run!