Thursday, February 10, 2011


 Mornin! It's gonna be a good one here in northern NY because the weather man was WRONG for once! Yes, I am not completely snowed in today!!! They had predicted 1-2 feet of snow in the next 24 hours and so far nothin :) Maybe the groundhog is on to something this year...

So I wanted to share with ya'll some more information about my life, mainly my wonderful family.

First, it all started with this big group of happy people:

At my brother Isaac's wedding. Seth couldn't make it due to Air Assault School :(
Yep, that's 8 kids my parents have, bringing us to a family of 10. Of course that's before Elizabeth, Behn, and Seth entered the picture and added to our family. I LOVE my family so much! I am close to each and every person in our own unique way. There is definitely something so special about being part of a big family. There's never a shortage of love to go around and we always are there for each other, even though we do not all live close together anymore.
I am also very proud to say that my Mom is a former Mother of the Year, DE. She is such a strong and beautiful lady and I'd be lucky to be as great of a Mom as she is. Love her!
My Dad is a full time pastor and is I believe the sweetest man I know. Don't get me wrong, he knew when and how hard to spank our little booties when we were young, but the man has a heart of gold and I love him so much.
The order of siblings goes as follows: Megan (who is married to Behn), Isaac (who is married to Elizabeth), me (and Seth of course!), Hannah, Olivia, Aaron, Tim, and Stephen. Stephen made it "even" when we adopted him at 3 months old. Love you littlest brother!

Next is my other family. A family that I have been blessed to marry into. Once again, a fairly big family with 5 siblings and 2 parents.
At a wedding in October 2009
This picture is minus the 3 newborns that have recently entered the world in the past 2 months.Seth's family has got some serious love for each other. They all look out for each other and have a certain closeness that is very special. We all do not live close to each other, which can be hard, but maybe someday down the line it will be a bit more manageable ;) Oh, and I forgot to tell ya that my older sister Megan and I married brothers! Behn and Seth are the 2 youngest of the Trader brood and they married the 2 oldest girls in my family, my sister and I! It's so much fun, too! I love being part of this family. Caring, modest, Godly and strong is how I would describe them best. God has surely blessed Seth and I with amazing families that support and love us dearly!

Anyways, I'm off to have some breakfast and get ready for work. I'll try and update again later.
Things I'm looking forward to today:
Work, spin class, and the Office!!

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