Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gettin my run(s) on

Food: Started of the day with lots of protein in the form of 0% greek yogurt with apples, honey, and cinnamon

Loved the creamy sweetness of this breakfast!
 For lunch I had Panera with my friend Brooke. I devoured a cup of broccoli cheddar, half of the fuji apple chicken salad, and a bagette for dipping.  Also shared a fudge brownie :) Panera never fails in my book!

Exercise: I ran 4 miles with an 8:34 min/mi pace outside. There were some hills and it was pretty cold today (around 20 degrees) so I was happy enough with that. Plus, my tummy was not happy with my lunch choice and I may or may not have experienced the ever delightful: runners "runs". Sorry to gross you out! It's just part of the experience sometimes :)
I'm trying to get in as many outdoor runs as I can. My half marathon is 33 days away!!

Today has been nice and easy. Went to church and got a phone call from SETHY on the way! I plan on talking to him more very soon so I'm excited!

Sunday's church outfit
This week is looking pretty busy. Got some new clients to meet with and some other meetings to attend to so every night is filling up quick! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my sweet mother-in-law, Mom Trader! Hope your day was special ;)


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