Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stopping at 80%

It is another warmish day here in the North country! High is about 40. Yay! Melt snow, melt...please..

The rest of yesterday was good. Kayla's parents bought one of those hiking backpack thingys and I decided to try it out. We went to a local trail hoping that the snow had magically disapeared but it seemed to have done just the opposite. Every other step my foot was buried deep in 2 feet of snow :( Add to the fact that I wasn't wearing boots and my jeans were a couple inches too long...ya we didn't get too far. It was a really GOOD workout though! Trekking through snow is really hard and having a 30 lb toddler on your back definitely got me sweatin.

I also tried a kettlebell workout yesterday while Kayla was sleeping. I'm thinking I will really get into this. It requires alot of core stabilization which is super important. I'm feeling a bit sore today but excited to give it a try again later this weekend!

Breakfast: Today I realized that I hadn't had many eggs this week so I made my egg, spinach, tomato, and white cheddar bagel:

I wasn't super hungry this morning so I probably shouldn't have eaten this. 3/4 of the way through I actually stopped and thought to myself  " I'm not really hungry so I probably shouldn't finish this"
But did I actually do that? Nope! I went against one of my own rules, which is to listen to your body and stop eating when you're 80% full.
Growing up in a family of 8 kids, we were always diving into our food as quickly as possible lest we not get something we want before it was gone. Just ask my mom, dinner was crazy and frantic. Every day when my mom picked us up from school I would ask her what's for dinner. I've always loved food :D So, I'm having to kind of retrain myself to eat slow and stop when I'm full. A work in progress obviously...

I'll try and update lunch and dinner later, as well as my workout.
Have a wondeful day guys!


  1. I'm going to admit something that will make you happy: your blog is helping me eat better! Yesterday instead of grabbing chips, like I have been doing, I had 1/2 apple w/ peanut butter!! Also, been doing yoga :)

  2. yay meg!! that did make me happy :)